• Lint Roller & Handle

    Lint Roller & Handle

  • Marking Paper

    Marking Paper

  • Tagging Gun & Pin & Needle

    Tagging Gun & Pin & Needle

  • Teflon Shoe & Iron Mat

    Teflon Shoe & Iron Mat

  • Plastic Clip

    Plastic Clip

Accessory Products

The various packaging products:
- Zipper bags - these bags with a zipper are a convenient way to store various products and especially food grade ones. Use of our zipper bags is sure to increase the shelf life of food products as we produce these zipper bags of virgin polyethylene which is a high quality raw material. The zipper bags are reusable and can be used again and again.
- Ziplock bags - similar to the zipper bags are ziplock bags that are reseal able bags that are used to store many items particularly food items. These ziplock bags are highly convenient to store unused raw vegetables, granular materials and other food products. The use of ziplock bags is becoming highly popular for the fact that these do not require refrigeration and can keep the contents fresh for a long time. Being reseal able these ziplock bags can be used again and again. Varying sizes of ziplock bags make it convenient to carry in the pocket too.
- Shrink films - many types of packaging require to be wrapped and here shrink films come in use. These shrink films are made of polymer plastic and when heat is applied to them, they shrink tightly over the product being wrapped. They can be wrapped around cartons, beverage cans, boxes and pallet loads.

All your needs with respect to zipper bags, ziplock bags and shrink films are taken care of here. High standard of manufacturing is our pride. We produce the zipper bags and ziplock bags from the high grade virgin polyethylene and always look towards meeting exceptionally high criteria and quality standards. We have clients from all sections of the society and industry. Whether you are have a large manufacturing unit or are a small retail store owner or even if you require standardized and superior products for home usage, you are sure to find what you need from our varied selection. As mentioned above, we are manufacturers of packaging products of all types specializing in the production of zipper bags, ziplock bags and shrink films, recloseable bags and reseal able plastic bags.